GFT144, 4 channel Programmable Delay Module
GFT144, 20 channel Pulse & Delay Generator


  • Four independent delay channels
  • Programmable delay in 0.5 ps increments
  • 7 ns delay range
  • <3 ps input to output RMS jitter
  • Up to 50 MHz channel rate
  • LVPECL / CML / LVDS channel input
  • LVPECL channel output with MUX mode
  • Delay control via SPI link
  • Operate from DC +5 V
  • Compact module: 40 x 25 mm
  • Option: Evaluation board with TTL outputs and USB control


The GFT144 module is a Four Channel Programmable Delay module designed for component test, data de-skewing and timing adjustment. This compact module is well suited for OEM application with an interface via 2 standard connectors, a small size and only one power source.

The core of the module is made with a component (QFN 56 pins) specially designed by Greenfield Technology.

The required delay is accomplished by programming each delay channel via Serial Data Interface. The delay as an increment resolution of typical 0.5 ps in the programmable delay range of 7 ns per channel.

The channel input can be driven directly by differential LVPECL / CML or LVDS logic levels. The output is compatible with DC or AC LVPECL.

Typical GFT144 application would be to control from FPGA application the four timing of a device with high rate and very high resolution.