Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation is a leading manufacturer of precision electronic instrumentation for test, measurement and nuclear research. BNC has its corporate headquarters in San Rafael, California with several additional manufacturing facilities and sales offices located throughout the United States.

Greenfield Systems is a US engineering company dedicated to the design and development of high precision electronic and optical instrumentation. Greenfield Systems provides standard products such as data acquisition system, pulse and delay generator, picosecond timing system, time interval meter and various modules for scientific, defense and industrial application 

Fedd is French manufacturer of electronic products. FEDD allocates 5000m2 of secured facilities for PCBA manufacturing and Turnkey products assembly. 135 qualifiied and IPCA6XX certified people, state-of-the art technologies in a very agile ISO9001, ISO13485, EN9100 certified environment offer flexible, scalable and fast response to our various customers:  Aeronautic, Industry, Medical and railway. 

VectraWave is a solution provider for integrated electronic in high frequency microwaves and optoelectronic for telecommunications over radio or optical fiber, in the field of civil, military or medical market. VectraWave is a company, offering components based on SiGe, GaAs, micro-electronics and packaging advanced technologies