April 2021 : New products:

Model GFT1604: A 50 MHz, 8 channel mini Pulse and Delay Generator
Model GFT7513: a 100 KHz to 13 GHz low noise, fast switching Synthesizer
Model GFT614: a 1 input to 4 line 50 Ω Driver module for distribution of high speed clock via long cable

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July 2020 : Newsletter about new products

A low cost 50 MHz, 2 or 4 channel Pulse & Delay Generator board level (model GFT1804), a 48 Channel, 1 ns resolution Digital Pattern Generator (Model GFT7048) that operates either as a standalone device, or as a component in a timing system and a new revision of the FTD10000 Transient Digitizer specially designed to record fast single short pulse down to 50 ps with 13-bit resolution

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January 2020 : Newsletter about new products

A mini Pulse and Delay Generator (Model GFT1604-4C) that provides 4 independent delayed pulses with 100 ps resolution, a compact High Speed Digitizer that can record 4 analog input at speed of 2 GS/s (or 4 GS/s on only 2 analog input), a very precise Time Interval Meters (Model GFT2005) with 5 channels able to measure time with 13 picosecond resolution

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