GFT7513, 13 GHz Low Noise Synthesizer
GFT7513, 20 channel Pulse & Delay Generator


  • 100 KHz – 13 GHz Frequency range
  • 0.0001 Hz Frequency step
  • -140 dBc/Hz Phase noise @ 1 GHz center, 20 KHz offset
  • 3.5 µs Frequency switching time (200 MHz VCO step)
  • USB or RS-232 interface for remote control (CP102 USB to COM bridge)
  • +12 Vdc Power Supply (AC/DC adaptor included)
  • Compact packaging: 105 mm W x 256 mm D x 27 mm H
  • Option: High stability Internal Reference


The GFT7513 is a low noise and fast-switching Frequency Synthesizer covering a frequency range from 100 KHz to 13 GHz; The Synthesizer provides a 0.1 mHz frequency resolution, and a wide and accurately leveled output power range.

The GFT7513 is well suited for application in Local Oscillator for receivers because it has specific electronic design to provide very low phase noise and none subharmonics.

The module has a USB and RS-232 interface for remote control. It is supplied with windows software application which includes a front panel graphical interface.

The generator is a compact packaging with only 27 mm in height and 1.8 Kg in Weight.