GFT6304, FMC, Four Channel High Speed Digitizer
GFT6304, 20 channel Pulse & Delay Generator


  • 4 analog channels
  • 50 Ω input impedance
  • Up to 3.2 GS/s sampling rate per channel
  • 12 bits vertical resolution
  • DC coupled to 750 MHz analog bandwidth
  • ± 100 mV to ± 2500 mV variable full scale range
  • > 1 M samples per channel with GFT6204 carrier board
  • FMC+ form factor
  • Based on the latest generation of Texas Instrument ADC ref ADC12DJ3200


The GFT6304 FMC module is the ideal digitizer for characterizing high speed signal. This compact digitizer can record four analog inputs at speed of 3.2 GS/s with 12 bits resolution.

The four flexible DC coupled analog front end contains a variable gain, variable bias control, over voltage protection and anti-aliasing filter. The settings are controlled with SPI interface via FMC+ connector.

The on-board clock is implemented with low phase noise clock and can be external via the FMC+ connector.

The GFT6304 is a standard FMC+ module according to VITA 57-1 2008 standard.

In option for lower cost channel number can be reduced to 2 channels and sample rate can be reduced to 2.7 GS/s.

Typical application: For stand-alone High Speed Digitizer application Greenfield Technology supply a carrier board (Ref: GFT6204) that provides:

  • External, channel and command trigger modes
  • 1 Mega samples par channel data memory
  • Lab software for quick and easy control of the digitizer.