GFT1208, 8 Channel Digital Delay Generator
GFT1208, 20 channel Pulse & Delay Generator


  • Eight Independent Delay Channels
    • 1 ps resolution
    • 15 ps RMS jitter
    • 1 second delay range
  • Output pulse
    • 2.5 V to 10 V level under 50 Ω
    • < 2 ns Rise time
    • Lemo connector
  • Trigger source
    • External or internal
  • cPCI 6U, 1 slot form factor
  • Optical input (in option) for timing sytem mode


The GFT1208 module provides eight independent delay channels. The delay resolution on all channels is < 1 ps and channel to channel jitter is less than 15 ps. LEMO outputs deliver up to 10 V level with a 1.5 ns typical rise time into 50 Ω. Output pulse Amplitude and width are adjustable.

One input trigger (Trig In), or one internal frequency programmable generator, or software command is used to trigger off all output channels.  One output Trigger channel (Trig out) is used to mark zero delay for the each trigger in different operation modes. This output (Trig out) can also allow to synchronize several GFT1208 delay generator by daisy chaining several modules. In this way up to for GFT1208 can be synchronized (See two daisy chained modules example )

In timing system mode (option 1) the module could be optical synchronized via an optical network and a GFT3001 Master Oscillator Transmitter who provides triggers and time base. Up to 256 GFT1208 generators can be synchronized.